Chaotic Warlord Team

Come and meet with us

Our Team


Chaotic War Lords is part of state wide NAP which means you can grow with us feeling safe.


We have a real team of active players who can depend on each other.

1 M

Growing together is our goal and we help each in that sense.

Weekly Challenge

The weekend comes, we fight. Our rules are strict. You can either shield and grow or go to battle. Every weekend, a team goes out to fight the enemy and keeps us strong.

Find your Hero

Every Hero has a job to do. We know it's difficult choosing the right one and one might need help finding the right one depending on the goal to achieve. We list them here to help you choose.

Start building

Making it rapidly to the top is easy with the right recipe. Here are the best tips from the team to grow rapidly and efficiently. You can also visit our forum for more help.